The Digital Libraries Team has achieved multi-site status! Our current sprint delivers a Minimum Viable Product for Southwest Virginia Archive and begins work on a VT Publishing Podcast Library. The SWVA site will replace the existing Omeka site, which is our second legacy system retirement! Here’s to reducing maintanence obligations.

Key features of the Podcast Library include:

  • Access to and preservation of the transcripts, files, and metadata
  • RSS aggerator support
  • Audio streaming and direct download
  • View and download analytics
  • User submission interface
  • Support for user-provided transcripts

This is pretty exciting for us since it’s the first non-static image collection we’re implementing in the DLP. It also provides functionality that we can use to support oral history collections, of which the Libraries has many.

In a future iteration, we’d like to add time-range URI linking and automated transcription generation when one is not provided.

We’re also working on a new template painstakingly arrived at in close cooperation between our Web Development Librarian, Web Designer, and stakeholders. April’s going to be a big month for the team!